COLOR & BW Copies at a Discount

Fast, High Volume Copying

Need 1,000 copies of a 400 page document? We can do it! In fact, we can do whatever you need and fast. We always aim for a 24 hour turn around and we can usually do better than that.

(Booklet, Calendar, and Pamphlet)

Full-Color Copies

FULL COLOR copying available. Perfect when you don’t want to lose even a dots worth of detail, always offered at a great price, usually the best price in town.

Double-Sided Copies

Need to go from 2-sided to 1-sided? No problem!

Need to go from 1-sided to 2-sided? No problem!

2-sided to 2-sided? We can do that too!

Signature Copies (Booklet, Calendar, and Pamphlet)

We can have your document copied and printed in a manner that allows you to create a mini-booklet, whether its for flipping up or flipping to the left, whatever you wish.


Spiral Binding

We can create impressive, perfectly bound presentation in unprecedented quantities and inexpensively.

Velo Binding

Lock in your pages securely and in perfect alignment. Our Velo Binding gives a neat appearance with trim edges that make books simple to file and easy to mail. The Velo Binding strips come in many colors, enabling you to color-coordinate the covers of your presentations.

Coil Binding

This style of binding is often used to bind theses, reports, manuals, recipe books, and more. We also suggest a clear plastic cover to give an attractive and hardwearing finish to the final document.

Booklet Making

By bringing us your regular documents either in paper or digital form, we can have them printed and bound in the form of a booklet, either 8.5×11, 5.5×8.5, or custom sized! Our Blookletmaster Bookletmaker will quickly create multiple page, stitched and folded pamphlets and brochures. It automatically folds and stitches booklets quickly and error-free to ensure that your job is completed correctly and on-time.


With laminating, you can preserve irreplaceable teaching materials and documents with our 3 mil 25″ laminator and save replacement costs. Great for posters. Our 5 mil laminator works up to 11×17. “If you want it to last, then laminate it!”


Our folding machine does 7 different types of folds (letter fold, fan fold, double parallel fold, single fold, french fold, double letter fold, and engineering fold). We can also do custom hand folding jobs for a little extra.


Want drilling accuracy and speed that’s affordable? We can drill standard 3 hole punches on any paper, cardboard, transparencies and more. Just bring a sample by and we’ll let you know if we can do it.


If you need a document printed on non-standard paper sizes, we can print it on the next biggest and cut it to size for you. This is especially great for making pads, postcards, custom size mailings, etc.


Padding is an easy, inexpensive way to organize phone message pads, letterhead, inventory forms and more!


We can sequence and collate your pages for you. Why waste valuable office time sequencing pages when we can do it for you?

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